About Me

About Caroline Fink, R.N.

As a registered nurse, master injector, and founder of Bellissima Medical Spa, Caroline has dedicated her life to helping women of all ages become stronger, more confident and a more radiant versions of their beautiful, dynamic selves. She believes in empowering woman and supporting them along their journey of this called life.

Caroline has a keen creative eye. Her clients are the canvas. Caroline’s ability to uniquely combine her artistic and analytical sides provides her clients with big- picture advice that addresses their short and long-term beauty and aesthetic goals.

What’s more, she exhibits a bubbly kindness alongside a no-BS attitude that means she offers honest, compassionate advice. Caroline will never push her clients into getting a service they don’t need or want. Her goal is to keep her clients safe, happy, and lovely.

An 11-year veteran of the aesthetics industry with a knowledge of science and medicine, Caroline specializes in all injectables, fillers, lasers, skin care, PDO threads, RF microneedling, PRP, Kybella and anything awesome that keeps her clients looking and feeling their best. She also is an esthetician, the former owner of a permanent makeup studio, and is currently working on her masters degree in family nurse practice.

Caroline has an aesthetic and creative eye which allows her to look at the big picture using her scientific knowledge and commitment to safety. The result? The best results possible.

Caroline loves learning; she is a seeker of knowledge and exploring the deeper meaning of things. She lives in Southern California, where she loves shopping, meditating, hanging at the beach (wearing sunscreen, of course) and hanging with her sweet dog Ma’am.

“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” — Audrey Hepburn 

Dr. Behrang Dehkordi, MD

Dr. Behrang Dehkordi is our medical director and owner.